Friday, April 24, 2015

Apostolic Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Have you been checking out the Capsule Wardrobes on Pinterest?  This new minimalist way of planning your wardrobe keeps your closet clean and your wardrobe fresh!

The idea behind Capsule Wardrobes is to start with basic pieces that can be mixed and matched.  Many capsule wardrobes have about 15 tops, 7 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans, a dress, 2 jackets, and 2-3 skirts.  

I started creating this Spring Wardrobe Capsule by going through my own closet pulling out only the clothes that I love, and narrowing from there.  I picked basic skirts that go with many different colors and styles of shirts.

Black pencil skirt: Can be mixed with an infinite number/style/color of blouses or add a jacket for suit look. (Easy to find in a thrift store)

Navy/cream striped cotton pencil skirt: This can be dressy or casual depending on the tshirts/sweater/blouse that you add.

Gray skirt: I found a long layered gray skirt at a thrift store but any gray skirt will do - gray is a neutral so it will coordinate many different color shirts.

Yellow Maxi Skirt - or any bright spring/summer colored maxi - (teal/coral would be great choices too).  This yellow color can go with a nice gray shirt or a floral blouse for a work style, or a Mickey Mouse tshirt for a casual weekend look.

Black Maxi Skirt - this is a staple for me!  Very comfortable and goes from casual to dressy depending on the headband/scarf/shoes/blouse that you add!

Black skirt with white stripes - the black skirt pictured is from Target but any black skirt with white stripes can be paired with bright solid colored tops.  Mine has a v-stripe pattern and I wear it with gray, silver, hot pink, or purple solid colored tops.

Coral Midi or Pencil Skirt -  A coral skirt adds a nice pop of color for spring.  It can be worn with floral blouses, a solid gray shirt with gray shoes, a crisp white button down shirt, or a cream colored shirt.

2 jean skirts of different styles - Jean skirts for Saturdays or after work events!  Mix and match with any of the shirts!

These basic pieces:

can be used to make almost 50 outfits:

If you're starting to build a capsule wardrobe, start with the skirts you already have that match several different shirts, and shirts that match several different colors and styles of skirts!  Have fun!

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